Who Are We?

We are a local family that has lived in Goderich for over 15 years and we love good food and good service. 

Martin is a seasoned red sealed Chef with a passion for great, tasty food & Marianne is all about the service and hospitality. We both have over 2 decades of experience in restaurants and Alesh is our son, an amazing helper through it all. We are a true family business

Our Story

Martin was born and raised in Prague, Czech Republic and Marianne was born & raised in Toronto to Czech parents. Our heritage, our customs and our hearts are Central European and you can taste it in the food we create. Everything is made from scratch and with love. What more do you need to know.


Next Steps...

EMAIL US to get more info, OR call us at 519-440-7205. We are here to make things easy and tasty for you and your guests.